Digital marketing is the part of advertising which uses digital technology like computer networks, mobile phone and other electronic media and devices to advertise products and services. It refers to the use of digital media to promote services and products online. Today it has become one of the most effective ways to generate sales leads and improve brand image of a company. Apart from this, it helps in providing an improved customer experience on the part of the customers, substantially raise brand value of a company, and also enables a company to make faster profits.

The popularity of internet marketing over traditional marketing can be explained with the several benefits that come as a result of it. Online marketing is very cost-effective because it does not require you to pay for any form of print media, TV or radio advertisement. This means that when your website is featured by many online directories and search engines, then it will automatically draw more traffic. And when more people visit your website, more people are likely to end up visiting your competitor’s websites which in turn will result in them purchasing products from your company.

Traditional Marketing: Traditional marketing is mainly done through mass media like television, radio and print media. But this medium of mass advertising campaigns tend to have a short life span, because people become accustomed to the form of advertisement very quickly. And once they grow bored of it, they immediately look for some other form of entertainment. This means that no matter how effective your online marketing campaigns are, they will not be as effective when it comes to promotion and advertising.