MITID and NemID are similar in structure, but they differ greatly in adaptability. While both have many of the same functionalities, MitID has more flexibility and adaptability. This article will focus on the differences between the two IDs and how they can be used in a bank setting. While MitID is more widely used, its flexibility can make it more attractive to certain types of financial institutions. However, it is important to note that the two IDs are not interchangeable.

MitID was designed to provide a secure digital identification and digital signature. In contrast, NemID was created to work as both a digital identity and a digital signature. Unlike MitID, which will not support both, it will provide options for those with special needs. Those with impaired vision can use the audio code reader to read the code. Those who have a NemID can use it to obtain the new ID. Those who don’t have a NemID will need to go to a Citizen Center to get their CPR number and then receive the MitID. The MitID website offers more detailed information on the service.

NemID is a centralized identity management system, while MitID will be a pure authentication solution. MitID will not support digital signing, but it will be offered by a trusted digital signature provider. It will have the same coherence between technical elements as the NemID, and will offer the same overall experience as eID. The full form of the acronym MITID is MITID. The acronym reflects the concept of identity verification.

New developements – MitID

Unlike the previous Danish Digital ID called NemID, MitID is designed to be integrated in various digital services and transactions. Companies can use the same MitID to manage users, authenticators, certificates and roles. This means that companies can comply with the strict security requirements of the eID. If you are interested in learning more about eID, please contact the Danish government’s office. They are looking forward to the success of MitID.

While NemID was designed to act as both a digital identification and a digital signature, MitID is a pure authentication solution. It does not support digital signing, but will be offered by a third party. It will still have coherence between the two technical elements and will be used as an eID as an overall solution. So, while it’s still in a closed pilot phase, it is possible to sign up now, as soon as it is available. With a full-featured digital identification, the MITID will be used by the public and private sectors. The new IDs will replace NemID in 2021, but in the meantime, both IDs will be used as an ID for bank customers. The transition will take place in the summer of 2021, and the transition from NemID to MitID will be managed by Penneo. There is no timeline set for the implementation of the new system.